It’s springtime! Well, almost – the Vernal Equinox arrives
today at 10:15 p.m. PDT (early on March 20 for some folks), which will inspire
a fresh start for me. This is such a lovely time of year, usually spring would
bring an end to rain and we would soon see the spring flowers. This year it
seems summer turned into fall and then spring poked its head out and never wanted
to go back in to rest. I took a walk yesterday in shorts (OK, OK, a little soon
for them!) but even though it was brisk it felt so refreshing and I definitely
felt a rebirth in the air. This is definitely my year – something is about to
happen and life is good.

I just wanted to repeat what I said yesterday since I got so
caught up in so many things that I was not able to keep that smile on my face.
Sometimes you have to fight these things, but other times you have to give in
to stress, worry and sorrow. Smile back on my face – spring is here and I have
already stretched, fed Ben and ready to go.

Jack Anthony received his Local Happenings Magazine Award for Best Customer Service in Solano County!

I have much to do today since I feel I was most unproductive
yesterday, days like that happen so watch out everyone here Ben and I come . .