“Our first and last priority is making sure the customer’s happy,” says Daniel Collier, Store Manager of Diablo Foods in Lafayette. “My grandfather, Ed Stokes, started the business 43 years ago. One of the cornerstones of the business has been customer service; it all starts there.”

Collier grew up in the area. Now, working as part of the family business, he feels proud to be part of the community. “We have a community that supports us as a business and what we stand for. We obviously would not be here without them and we recognize that,” says Collier. “We have a real good relationship with the people that shop with us, and we live here as a family—I grew up here—it makes for a real good fit.”

This level of customer service is what has made Diablo Foods the go-to location it is today. “There are a lot of beautiful markets out there, but there are only so many products you can differentiate yourself with,” Collier explains. “It’s that experience you get when you walk in; we just have an overall good feel and energy of the store due to the people we have here.”

Editorial Note: Congratulations to Diablo Foods on winning two Local’s Choice Awards!

3615 Mount Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549-3778 •  (925) 283-0737 • www.diablofoods.com