As the weather turns warm many of us are thinking about the fun we can have over the summer. Some of us, however, are thinking about the fun we can no longer have with someone dear to us who was taken away because of cancer. And for the millions of folks suffering from cancer nationwide, their idea of fun would be to simply enjoy a pain-free day that could be spent with family and friends.

Each year people in communities across the country are remembering those we have lost due to cancer, and those that are still struggling with it. Many of us choose to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Annual Relay for Life event that happens during the late spring and early summer months each year. It’s a way to not only remember those lost or in the middle of a fight with cancer, but to help raise money and awareness to fight this scourge.

Most of us have a story to tell about how cancer has impacted our lives, either directly, or with a friend or family member. It is because of that that each of us should work together to help solve this medical riddle that has struck down so many of us far too soon. To help you connect with a Relay for Life event near you, here is a partial listing of events in our area:

June 13 – Deer Valley High School, 4700 Lone Tree Way, Antioch

June 13 – DeAnza High School, 5000 Valley View Rd., Richmond

June 20 – Refugio Valley Park, 1515 Refugio Valley Rd., Hercules

June 20 – Vacaville High School, 100 W Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville

June 27 – Donaldson Way Elementary School, 430 Donaldson Way, American Canyon

June 27 – Heritage High School Amphitheater, 101 American Ave., Brentwood

July 11 – Todos Santos Plaza, 2151 St., Concord

July 11 – Dixon Fairgrounds, 655 S 1st St., Dixon

July 11 – Bancroft Elementary School, 2200 Parish Dr., Walnut Creek

July 18 – Armijo High School, 825 Washington St., Fairfield

July 18 – Pittsburg City Hall, 65 Civic Ave., Pittsburg

July 18 – Pleasanton Middle School, 5001 Case Ave., Pleasanton

July 25 – Monte Vista High School, 3131 Stone Valley Rd., Danville

July 25 – Martinez Junior High School, 1600 Court St., Martinez

July 25 – Napa Valley Expo, 575 3rd St., Napa

August 1 – Emerson Jr High School, 2121 Calaveras Ave., Davis

August 1 – Cerrito Vista Park, 950 Pomona Ave., El Cerrito

August 1 – Glorietta Elementary School, 15 Martha Rd., Orinda

August 1 – St Patricks/St. Vincent’s High School, 1500 Benicia Rd., Vallejo

August 8 – Fernandez Park, 595 Tennent Ave., Pinole

August 21 – Benicia High School, 1101 Military West, Benicia

August 15 – Lefty Gomez Ballfield, 470 Parker Ave., Rodeo

August 15 – Mt Diablo Elementary School, 5880 Mount Zion Dr. #8206, Clayton

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