Concerned about someone discovering all your corporate secrets, your newest invention or that 100 year old recipe? Maybe you just don’t want your identity stolen from the stuff you throw away. Your best defense is not a good offense but Shred Defense. Shred Defense does not just shred your documents they pulverize them! They offer US Government approved document destruction and they do it all on site. They don’t sub the work or ship it overseas they do it all in a precisely controlled environment with rigorously screened staff members and top of the line equipment. They can also pulverize your digital media such as hard drives, CD’s, tapes or other items. As a Bay Area Green Business all the materials are recycled – helping the earth while keeping you safe. The best part though is that they are a small family run business and they know how to take care of their clients – which is probably why our readers nominated and voted for them!! So call them up or stop on by either way they promise destroy everything you give them!

3950 Bissell Ave Richmond, CA 94805

925-957-6755 or 510-234-7600

Shred Defense Truck