Ben waited patiently at the door while speeches were being made

Sometimes my job is just so much fun! I get to meet great people, hear amazing stories and usually do all of this while drinking great wine and eating incredible food. Last night at the Yountville Business to Business Exchange, Somerston Winery outdid themselves hosting a fabulous event along with the Napa Valley Wine Festival. Ben was able to get a lot of hugs and from what I saw, a few snacks.

Today I am off and I end up in another one of my favorite cities, Lafayette. I just love Lafayette and the people who I encounter always seem so friendly. I have a few things to do before I can leave, coffee meeting in am along with a few magazine drops and then I can take off.

The Napa Valley Film Festival crew talks about 2012 event

Not before I do my stretches, feed Ben, hold off on my latte until my meeting, and go . . .





Grandma, you're squeezing my cheeks!!