Local Happenings Magazine (and Ben!) had a chance to visit with the Directors of all the Convention and Visitors Bureaus of Solano County

So I was up early and was all ready to get out there and see everyone yesterday and guess what – refrigerator went on the fritz and had to wait for appliance repair man all morning. Didn’t stop there though, he then had to get a part and had to come back so I ended up being at the house all day! Good news though – just a fan need to be replaced and he ended up fixing the arm on the door that was loose and also looked at my dryer and is replacing a blower so it will be quiet again. It was all good and I am a happy camper.

OK, so today I am up early and out the door so I can repeat what I thought I was doing yesterday! (The only thing is I am not feeling well today – go figure!)

SF Giants note: Still 4.5 out in front, what a game last night! If only the Giants had won, but the Dodgers lost too so all is not lost.

BIG, LONG stretches and major walk, feed Ben, water the yard and then I’m gone . . .