Yesterday I never stopped. Ben tried to keep up but at one point I noticed that he was sitting next to Kenny Ross’s desk and was so sweet looking because he had just gone to sleep. He loves Kenny and feels right at home and maybe that’s why I visit TEAM Superstores as much as I do.

Ben also loves Cheri at Bombshell Hair and Ink and he had a chance to catch up with her and her fellow stylists yesterday. He waited patiently for service and possibly a treat; but alas they were booked solid!

Last night’s full moon was so fantastic! I always feel like I have seen the most fabulous full moon and then the very next month I see a moon that is even more fabulous. Why is that? I think it’s because as you are looking at it you lose all memory of the last one and just focus on the one you are staring at. Sounds good, right?

The full moon might be the reason that cable had the movie “The Notebook” on last night. Why do I always watch that movie? It is so over the top romantic and sad, and each time I have seen it (possibly 25) I cry like a baby. I am too much of a romantic and I should know better than to watch movies like that, but oh well, that’s why I’m a romantic!

Stretches and deep meditation since I am on deadline, feed and long walk with Ben, and off we go. . .