Ben was not very happy with me for making him wear his cone!

I would love to have a STOP sign in my bedroom. That way I could wake up and go right back to sleep. I have a lot to do – but my week seems to be unraveling with troubleshooting small things.

I didn’t feel great yesterday and obviously neither did Ben. He is back in his cone since he had another little mishap – this time on his left side. It was less than a month ago that he was in a cone for his right side. He is VERY mad at me, but a moms got a do what she has to do! Stay alert we will be everywhere today.

SF Giants note: Still 4.5 out in front, not very pretty game but we now have to get some rest so we can beat LA!

BIG, LONG stretches and major walk, feed Ben, water the yard and then I’m gone . . .