With the feeling of the holiday behind me, I am up bright
and early to jump ahead of my responsibilities for the day. This will be a
three county day for me, maybe more, and I still have a lot of computer work to
do. My focus will be strong since I am only working a half day on Friday. Yes,
I am going to take some much needed time off at the coast. Wait, not time off,
I am actually going to write an editorial for one of our new travel features
that will premier in our April/May edition. But, it will feel like time off and
hopefully this weather will continue!

Robert and Regina will join us for a real holiday feeling.
Ramon, Rory and Veronica will also be coming so we can have a “Local Happening”
experience. We’ll be letting you know what to do and where to go in Monterey
and Carmel in our June/July issue. Mendocino will be the topic for the
April/May issue and we are so excited to share these destinations with you!

But, not so fast, we still have to get through today! I have
many places to go and make sure “Local Happenings Magazine” is at the forefront
of peoples’ minds and making sure that copies are everywhere!

Watch out, you never know where I will pop up and snap a picture. . .

Meeting Roy Rogers after his show at the Empress Theatre