Ben took time to smile for the camera with the Citibank employees at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Ben and I got up bright and early yesterday with every intention of watching the last SF Giants game for the season. Yes, I prayed, hoped and wished that they would win, but the chances I knew were slim. Yes, they won!! Ben and I were ecstatic, so much so that we went on to Lafayette to attend the monthly Chamber Mixer so we could share our joy with other SF Giants fans. Since they had not had a mixer last month because of the Art and Wine Festival, Lafayette members had missed Ben! Eight different people took pictures with him so they could Facebook him to friends. Ben has gone viral.

It was so nice to smell and hear the rain last night. I love the smell in the air after a rain, especially the first rain of the season. Unfortunately I do not like thunder and lightening so I was a little scared, but I made it through.

Today we will be in Benicia first thing for a Tourism meeting, then off to the Napa Valley for a couple appointments as well as Danville later on today. Ben and I are back! (Of course we will be watching/listening and taping the Giants game!)

SF Giants note: Can we do it ā€“ I say YES! Remember, whatever happens ā€“ we have had a good ride. The Oakland A’s also had an “Unbelievable” ending to their game and came from behind in the ninth to win and keep their hopes alive as well.

BIG, BIG, DEEP stretches, feed and walk Ben, and then Iā€™m gone . . .

Love this!