Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character. – Bo Bennett

That statement is the embodiment of Vallejos Tae Kwon Do; the development of “Life Skills” – Tae Kwon Do is simply the medium used to deliver those lessons. Master Vallejos and his wife Debbie’s goal is to partner with the parents of their students in an effort to develop their young charges as complete people. After 32 years of business in Benicia they have seen many of their former students grow into successful men and women and they take pride in that fact that they and their training has helped them to reach their goals in life. They also often times work with the parents of their students as well in terms of helping them reach their own fitness goals. They look forward to meeting you and helping both you and your children to develop lifelong habits of fitness, wellbeing and confidence.

425 Military East Benicia, CA 94510


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