Diane Jones, Volunteer of the Year for the Town of Yountville

Yesterday started with early run and stretches and I never stopped until after 10 pm. Exercise, work, lunch, (I had Mexican food for lunch and everyone knows that’s not my first choice but it was GREAT!) more work, dinner in Yountville and The Ramble at the Empress to end the night. I should be exhausted but curiously enough I woke up with loads of energy. It might have something to do with the fact that I need to get so much done today. First thing this morning I am headed to Vacaville then back to Benicia and then to Danville. Ben is going to be VERY tired by the end of the day.

One of Ben’s favorite people in Yountville, Diane Jones, received the Volunteer of the Year last night at a special Town dinner. She SOOOO deserved it. It was nice to see her husband and daughter beam with pride.

Once again the “Ramble” at the Empress Theatre in downtown Vallejo lit up the night. I am so glad that I didn’t go straight home and that I stopped to see the end of the show. How does Don Bassey make this event continue to amaze us?

Here we go, early am stretches and meditation; feed and walk Ben and off we go. . .