I feel like I lived a week in the last 24 hours! Mondays are always a little tough since I start off each one with a meeting at 9 am, but then I had two meetings back to back, everything was VERY productive. I am now going to add to my plate:  sponsorships for Taste of Yountville. Am I crazy? No, I think it will be fun and I should meet some exciting winery and restaurant, I am a foodie am I not?

How cute is Baby Jaxson!

I had a long day but then I had an equally long night since I went to go check on Baby Jaxson at Stanford Hospital. He is such a little trooper, just four days ago he was getting a liver transplant and tonight he was laying there with all of these tubes literally everywhere and he was sitting there cooing and being cute. Unbelievable!

SF Giants note – Today is another day. I bet you it was better for Bochy to watch this one off the field!

Quick Stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard, and then I’m gone  . . .