Watch for the Blue Moon at the end of the Month!

Ever mention something that happens “once in a blue moon”? Well brace yourselves—that moon will be here at the end of the month.

Tonight, August 1, is the month’s first full moon. But then we get a bonus as well, on the very last day: August 31 will showcase a second full moon, and this one will be blue. The last two-full-moon August occurred in 2008.

I love a full moon – people are stranger I know, but I think that’s what makes us tick a little better. It was great playing bocce as the moon came over the hills in Yountville, what a fabulous part of the world we live in. What a spread this group puts on, meats, cheeses, bread, wine, chocolate, cookies, I could go on and on.  Thanks everyone for a great time.

The winning Bocce Team? Still undecided.

Today we film our second video for Local Happenings Live – it’s been fun and I am learning a lot. Stay tuned, Ben will make his debut as well.

SF Giants note – come on guys, snap out of it!

Stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard and I’m gone  . . .