I can blame it on the moon as to why I did not post yesterday, but I would by lying. I did not post yesterday because I was so overwhelmed with my schedule that I did not remember to post my blog!

Will today be any better? I don’t think so. I am already running, and by that I mean running late.

The good news is that Ben has been so busy getting everywhere that he had become the most well-known dog in the area. One day he was having lunch at Mankas Corner in the Suisun Valley with the “Wine Ladies” and the next he was trying to rent a house at Krystle Property Management. (They are dog friendly!)

Ben and I won’t be around until Tuesday since we are going on a little holiday to Carmel. We’ll be back with stories I’m sure!

BIG Stretches today, water the yard, feed and take Ben on a long walk, and let the weekend begin . . .