Family visiting at Easter BBQ

Even though Easter is a religious holiday, almost everyone can appreciate family, Easter baskets full of candy, laughter and a nice meal. The entire weekend was full of family and food, from Friday until Sunday.

The Giants opening day was not what I had expected, but I
still have full faith in my Giants. They are getting ready to have a great year, I don’t care that they are 0-3 right now. Go Giants!

Tiger didn’t get the outcome he had expected, but Bubba Watson was a great winner and how happy was he. It’s nice when someone you totally do not expect wins a championship like this – it reminds all the underdogs that they too have a shot.

Peppino Messina take a moment to give advice to Ramon








The little guys I always have time for is the little leaguers. Saturday morning I went to my nephews opening day and pancake breakfast, what a hoot! All these little kids with hats two times the size of their heads running around having a great time. The police department was out shaking hands and giving advice to the youngsters. This was so heartwarming to see, how these little children looked at the policemen with total adoration. (Good job Peppino!)

Its Monday so no time for playing around, have a couple of
jobs to get out and have to finish getting the magazines out. The magazine
looks great and of course I already noticed an error. I hate that – even though
it’s proofed 4 times and then looked at again I always find something that I
should have changed. Oh well, the life of publishing.

No time for stretches, feed Ben, latte, and go. . .

Rory is wanting to be one of the little leaguers!