Ben greets George from Sac's Hot Dogs!

What a weekend! Life never stopped. It started on Friday with
a bang and the fireworks kept going off. I was winding things up on Friday for the end of the month and I had trunk shows and client parties to go to, but wait, did I tell you that I got food poisoning. . . or was it the flu? I don’t know, but I hate slowing down. I spent Saturday catching up and of course Sunday was full of fun!

The sun was out in full force so it made it easy to get out
of bed! Photo shoot first thing in the morning, then a Cobra Run. A what? That’s what I said; a group of Shelby Cobras rode through Benicia on Sunday morning making quite the parade on First Street. Dave Jones, owner of Foster Lumber who owns one of these fabulous cars made quite the host welcoming these fellow car lovers to his hometown. Sailor Jack’s at the end of Frist Street welcomed this group for breakfast and made them feel right at home as well. Come back anytime!

Dave Jones and his "Baby"

Yvonne and Jacqueline from Miguelena hosted their Anniversary
Party this weekend at their store in conjunction with Benicia Main Streets’ “Benicia in Bloom.” From what I hear, everyone had a great time and Yvonne and Jacqueline thank everyone for stopping in. Ben greeted all the guests!

It’s a Monday, lots of stretches, feed Ben, latte, and go. .