Chances are you’ve passed by their shop on Soscol Avenue many times and wondered, “Exactly what is the product that Bell Products produces?” Well, for 68 years and counting Bell Products, Inc. has been providing Best-in-Quality Heating, Air Conditioning and Mechanical services in Northern California. Their expertise ranges from Residential to Commercial, Institutional to Custom Metal Fabrication. To answer the question, Bell Products turns out the right product… and they do it with a focus on customer satisfaction. Most Napans don’t know that Bell Products has been instrumental in the success of some of the largest commercial projects in Northern California. These include AmCan High School, Napa River Front and the Buck Institute. And if you’re outside of the Bay Area, don’t worry–their service area stretches from south of San Francisco to the Oregon border. Locally owned, they not only work in the community, they live there too. This gives them the opportunity to connect with their customers in the local grocery, coffee shops, churches and schools. That local connection gives them the drive to make every customer experience the very best it can be.

722 Soscol Ave. Napa, CA 94559