“It’s everything I ever wanted for my dog,” say most customers after the first time they see the facility. You’ll get it as soon as you drive in—this place is about fun and snuggles. With huge play areas, an absolutely wonderful staff, 55 acres of hiking, river romping, agility, endless fetching and plenty of snuggle time, Camp Four Paws is an exceptionally nice place to be a dog.  They offer overnight lodging, day care, training, bathing and even have a passel of dogs up for adoption.  Anybody need a pug? They’ll even pick up and drop off your dog for you after it’s had a wonderful bath, and what’s better than a clean, happy, tired dog?  It’s an ideal situation for both you and your favorite furry friend. If you’d like more information give them a call.  They’d love to meet you and your dog.

4460 Morgan Territory Rd, Clayton, CA 94517